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We accommodate customers who seek our help under unexpected conditions.

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Landsbankinn has various means by which to accommodate its customers in difficult circumstances due to unemployment, illness or other conditions that may impact income or financial standing.

We offer various means to react to income loss. If you experience payment difficulties, please contact the Bank as promptly as possible.

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Postponement of housing loan payments

Customers with housing loans and real estate loans issued by Landsbankinn, can apply to postpone payments or temporary decrease payments for up to six months if necessary, up to and including 30 September 2020.

The solution is primarily designed for individuals facing significant loss of income due to unemployment, reduced working hours or illness.

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Disbursement of private pension savings

The authorities have announced several actions to be undertaken in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. One such action is temporary authorisation to withdraw supplementary pension savings, a maximum of ISK 12 million.

Application for withdrawal of private pension savings is made through the fund member website using electronic ID. Applications submitted through the fund member website before 28 April will be processed by 30 April.

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Credit card payment equalisation

Credit card bills can be smoothed across over 12 months, simply and quickly, in Landsbankinn online banking. Payment equalisation is a useful tool to deal with irregular expenditure or to lighten the payment load temporarily. You decide on the amount you wish to pay on the next due date and the number of months over which you want to smooth the outstanding amount.

Payment equalisation

Aukalán loans in app

Do you need to cover unexpected expenses or loss of income? You can apply for an Aukalán loan in the app, quickly and easily. You can see at once the amount of credit available to you and the terms that apply. The loan is payable to an account or credit card immediately.

  • Finalised in moments
  • Up to 5-year term
  • No pre-payment or borrowing charge

Overdraft authorisation in app and online banking

Customers enjoy flexibility in their finances and can use self-service solutions to apply for an overdraft authorisation, to increase, decrease and extend or cancel the authorisation both through online banking and Landsbankinn’s app. Customers see immediately how much scope they have to obtain credit for themselves when it suits them.If the required amount of credit is in excess of the online banking limit, please contact the Bank.



Refinancing of housing loans

Refinancing of housing loans can also be a good option to lower debt service in the long term. Interest rates and terms of housing loans change and it pays to compare your loans with other loans on offer at time.

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Apply to postpone payment on housing loan

By applying for payment postponement, you agree to allow the Bank to process certain personal data that is
necessary to handle the request and prioritise applications, including the reasons for payment difficulty.
The Bank takes every security precaution during processing.
Further information is available Landsbankinn's Personal Data Protection Policy.

Landsbankinn reserves the right to request confirmation of loss of income from the customer.