The Landsbankinn app

Bank through your mobile, any time and any place

Landsbankinn’s app enables customers to tend to banking business via their mobile devices, any time and any place.

The login process is simple, relying on either finger scans, electronic ID or user name and password. Immediately upon logging in, customers are presented with a clear and concise overview of their finances. Moving on, it is easy to access more details about each item.

Use of the app requires access to Landsbankinn online banking. Please visit any Landsbankinn branch to apply for access.



The app allows you to

  • Achieve a comprehensive overview of your finances
  • Check the balance of bank accounts
  • Check the balance and transactions on credit cards
  • Pay bills
  • Transfer funds
  • Get PINs for debit and credit cards
  • Change limit on credit cards
  • Establish and alter overdraft authorisations
  • View loan summaries
  • View the balance of Aukakrónur and look for partners of the programme
  • View electronic documents
  • Check the balance and transactions on gift cards
  • Find service points and ATMs


Lightning fast login

You can log in to the app using your fingerprint or facial recognition (only available for iPhone X). To activate these login methods, you must first authenticate yourself once with a user name and password or with electronic ID. Please note that other users authorised to access your mobile device through these methods will also be able to use the app.


Same security level as Landsbankinn online banking


Landsbankinn’s app utilises the same security system as online banking for individuals which maximises your security and decreases the risk of fraud and other misuse. The system learns to recognise your behaviour and asks for confirmation of identity, for example, in the form of a phone call from the system, in the case of unusual transactions. As a rule, you will be unaware of the system's workings.

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About Aukakrónur

The app provides a comprehensive overview of your Aukakrónur balance and pending Aukakrónur. It allows you to view how your Aukakrónur were accumulated and where you have used them. The app provides a list of Aukakrónur partners, as well as discounts and offers.

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