Electronic identification

Secure authentication

Landsbankinn supports the use of electronic identification (also known as electronic certificates or electronic ID). This type of ID is designed for electronic communication and is issued in collaboration with Icelandic authorities.

Holders of electronic identification can use it to provide secure online authentication and to sign electronic documents.

Landsbankinn activates electronic identification embedded in the SIM cards of mobile phones and personal electronic identification issued to individuals by Auðkenni hf. Landsbankinn provides this service free of charge.

Does your phone have the right SIM card?

Before visiting Landsbankinn, please check to ensure that your phone has a SIM card that supports electronic identification.

If you have a SIM card that supports electronic identification, you don't need to switch cards but you do need to activate the electronic identification at a Landsbankinn branch.

Check your SIM card 

The phone companies supply new SIM cards

If you need a new SIM card, please contact your phone company. Once you have the correct SIM card, you need to activate it using the instructions from your phone company. Then you can visit any local bank branch to activate your electronic identification.

Should you not wish to install electronic identification on your phone or if that option isn't available to you, please apply for a personal electronic identification from Auðkenni. We draw your attention to the fact that personal electronic identification from Auðkenni will be available free of charge through the Leiðrétting website for individuals eligible for debt adjustment.

Leiðrétting - the debt adjustment website

Remember to bring valid identification

Please note that to activate your electronic identification at Landsbankinn, you need to present valid identification, i.e. a passport, driver's licence or Icelandic identity card ("nafnskírteini"). Should you have any questions, please email us at landsbankinn@landsbankinn.is or call +354 410 4000.

To ensure speedy processing, please acquaint yourself with electronic identification before visiting the Bank.

Information about electronic identification