Fitbit Pay

Fitbit Pay allows you to use your watch to pay, quickly and securely. Add your Landsbankinn card to Fitbit Wallet to begin paying with your watch.

To register your card

You can register both debit and credit cards to Fitbit Pay and use your phone to pay, quick and simple. Withdrawal limits and all benefits attached to the card, such as Aukakrónur and insurance, are retained.

  1. Open the Fitbit app and select the watch you wish to use. Fitbit Wallet is located there. Next, select a PIN.
  2. Tap the plus icon in the right corner to open the Add Card screen. Select Credit/Debit.
  3. Enter personal information and the details for the card you wish to register.
  4. The final step is to agree to the terms and conditions in the Fitbit app. Once that is done, you will receive a confirmation code in a text to the mobile linked to your card. Enter the code in the app.

Paying with Fitbit Pay

  1. Open Fitbit Pay in your watch.
  2. Enter your PIN if prompted. This is the PIN you chose during registration of the card in the Fitbit app.
  3. Hold the watch up to the card reader and wait for payment confirmation.

Further instructions on setup and use of Fitbit Pay is provided in this video.

Update payment card

Most payment cards issued by Landsbankinn can be registered to Fitbit Pay. If your card does not work, you may need to update to a contactless card, regardless of the validity period.

Update to contactless

Welcome to Landsbankinn

You can become a Landsbankinn customer in a matter of minutes in the Landsbankinn app or here on the web.

Become a customer


Landsbankinn’s payment cards are international VISA cards that incorporate all modern and up-to-date security measures. The same applies to VISA cards registered to Apple Pay. When you register a card to Apple Pay, a device-specific number is generated, boosting security when paying with the phone.

Data protection

Click here to read about data protection at Fitbit, the service provider. Customers can revoke their consent at any time and deregister their payment card to cease using the service.