New debit cards

Landsbankinn's new debit card works like your present debit card but has a few innovations which will make paying for goods and services easier and more secure. You can now make internet transactions and contactless purchases with your debit card and use it for a wide variety of transactions throughout the world.



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Contactless payment

  • You can make payments of up to ISK 5000 contactless in all POS terminals with the contactless symbol. You simply touch the reader with your card, without having to enter your PIN, and wait until the entry is approved.

Contactless payments with your new debit card

Your new debit card is a contactless card. That means you can pay for smaller purchases by simply placing the card on the card reader - you don't have to insert it or type in your PIN to use the card, only initially to activate the card or for security purposes. Contactless payments can amount to a maximum of ISK 5000.

You can use your new debit card on the Internet

Your new debit card has a 16-digit card number and three-digit CSC number. These numbers function like credit card numbers, which means you can use the card to pay for goods and services in internet shopping and generally everywhere that Internet debit card payments are accepted.

International Visa debit cards and newest security standards

Visa debit cards and contactless payments are used widely throughout the world. Your card is an international Visa card which complies with the most recent security standards and is accepted by many more merchants than older debit cards. It is easy to make contactless payments and security features minimise card misuse.

To activate your new debit card

Before you use your new debit card you have to find out your new PIN. You can find it, for instance, in Landsbankinn's mobile banking,, and in online banking. On "My page", click on the function button (the three lines) for the account linked to your card, and then on "Get PIN". You can also request a print-out with your PIN by contacting Landsbankinn at +354 410 4000 or at your nearest branch.


To activate your new debit card you must make the first payment by inserting the card in a POS terminal and entering your new PIN number. In doing so, you consent to the card's terms and conditions. To finish the process, you need to sign your name on the signature strip on the reverse side of the card, and remember to cut up your old card. Then you can use your new card everywhere, including for contactless and Internet purchases.

You will soon receive your new card - or you can request one

Landsbankinn is currently replacing customers' older debit cards with new ones. You will receive your new card and instructions on its use soon, if you have not already received it. If you wish to get a new card as soon as possible you can order one by contacting your nearest Landsbankinn branch or the Customer Service Centre, tel. +354 410 4000.