Card app for Android

To register your card

You can register both your debit and credit cards to Landsbankinn’s card app for mobiles with an Android operating system. The app “Kort” is available in Google Play Store. Withdrawal limits and all other app functions are the same as when paying with a payment card. Benefits, such as Aukakrónur and insurance, are also unchanged.

The app Kort can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play Store.

The app only works on mobiles with an Android operating system. If you have a smart device from Apple, you can register card numbers to Apple Pay using the Landsbankinn app or Apple Wallet.

The app is available to Landsbankinn customers with debit and/or credit cards issued by the Bank. The card app basis its interface language on the mobile’s language settings.

Become a customer

You need to register your personal information and select a user name and password. Next, register one or more payment cards.

To verify that you are in fact the owner of a card, you will be asked for authentication by entering a one-off password that is texted or emailed to you.

Designate a default card for payment and activate the option to pay in shops.

More about registration

To pay, unlock your phone. Hold your phone up to a contactless card reader.

Payments cannot be made unless the following requirements are met:

  1. The phone has a locking function (fingerprint, face ID or passcode)
  2. Passcode is 4 digits at a minimum
  3. The card app is granted access to the phone’s security settings


Card app security

Landsbankinn’s payment cards are international VISA cards that incorporate all modern and up-to-date security measures. The same applies to VISA cards registered in Landsbankinn’s card app, which is developed by VISA. When you register a card to the card app, a token is generated, boosting security when paying with the phone.

The Bank does not process personal data about customers’ authentication measures. Information about authentication is saved in the mobile phone. Further information about the processing of personal data at Landsbankinn is available in the Bank’s General Terms and Conditions and its Data Protection Policy.

More about logging in to the card app


Update payment card

All payment cards issued by Landsbankinn can be registered to the card app. If your card does not work in the card app it may need to be updated to a contactless version, regardless of its validity period.

Update to contactless

Welcome to Landsbankinn

You can become a Landsbankinn customer via the app in a matter of minutes. Download the app and authenticate using electronic ID. Landsbankinn’s app enables customers to tend to banking business using their mobile device, any time and any place.

Become a customer

Apple Pay

Customers who use devices from Apple can register both their debit and credit cards to Apple Pay and use their phones or other smart devices to make payment. It is easy to register a card to Apple Pay through either the Landsbankinn app or Apple Wallet.

More about Apple Pay