Payment cards

Landsbankinn offers a variety of payment cards, both debit and credit. Our payment cards have different features such as in travel insurances, reward programmes and payment options.

Debit cards

Landsbankinn offers debit cards from VISA Electron. The cards are linked to a bank account and the type of card issued is usually determined by your other services at Landsbankinn or your loyalty programme.

Credit cards

Landsbankinn offers various credit cards from VISA, all based on your needs.


Aukakrónur is a credit card reward programme by Landsbankinn. It is a simple and convenient way to earn reward money, just by using your Landsbankinn VISA credit card.

Disputed purchases or fraudulent activity

Have you bought something that isn’t as described and the retailer has refused to give you a refund? Do you see a charge on your card that you don’t recognize and think it may be fraud? If you paid with your Visa debit, credit or pre-paid card, you could get your money back.

If you notice what looks like fraudulent activity on your card, please contact Landsbankinn immediately during business hours, +354 410-4000, and Valitor’s call-centre on off-hours at +354 525 2000.

To submit a claim, please fill out this form and send to Ensure that dispute claims are attested by the card holder’s signature and attach any documents that support the claim.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay allows you to make fast and convenient purchases in stores, in apps and on websites. Add your Landsbankinn card to Apple Wallet to begin using Apple Pay.

More about Apple Pay