Sprotarnir is a quality service for children ages 0 to 8 years. The children learn to save and receive fun deposit gifts.

Join Sprotarnir

Sprotarnir represent Landsbankinn's services for children. Full of fun, Sprotarnir are also prudent when it comes to their financials.

They are always ready to make new friends. New members receive a piggybank, soft toy,
t-shirt and a book about Sprotarnir.

Membership requires a minimum ISK 1000 deposit to a Landsbankinn account - Framtíðargrunnur, Landsbók, Sparireikningur or Kjörbók savings accounts - or holdings in one of the bank's funds.

The wonderful world of Sprotarnir

The world of Sprotarnir offers many exciting opportunities. You can visit Sproti and his friends and join them in their adventures. You can listen to music, print birthday cards and a colouring book, play your favourite Sprotarnir games and much, much more. The world of Sprotarnir is in Icelandic.

Check out the wonderful world of Sprotarnir

Deposit gift

To encourage kids to save, members of Sprotarnir receive a prize every time they empty their piggybank. The selection of prizes includes yo-yos, crayons and colouring books and towels.

New arrivals gift

Children born to members of Náman and Varðan receive ISK 5000 to a Framtíðar-grunnur savings account in their name.

Is it your birthday?

Sproti sends letters to the parents of members shortly before their birthdays. The letter invites members of Sprotarnir to visit the family's local branch and receive a Sprotarnir birthday set, comprised of plates, glasses, napkins, hats and a table cloth.