Favourable terms

Náman offers students favourable terms on financial services


Various loan products are available to students over 18 years of age. A solid business relationship based on accountability and honesty is a prerequisite of lending.

  • Computer purchase loan
  • Graduation loan
  • Overdrafts


While there are many and diverse approaches to savings, a regular savings programme is one of the best. You only need to decide how much and how frequently to save and the amount can be changed at any time. Because the multiplication effect of regular savings is significant, it is easy to build a reserve fund.

Solid reserves can prevent unexpected or large spending, such as repairs or summer holidays, from derailing your finances. When creating a savings plan, it is necessary to consider how accessible the funds should be. Fixed-term accounts are suited to long-term savings while saving to accounts with a limited or no term may be more fitting for reserve funds.


Students should consider insurance matters carefully as the insurance of parents or guardians may not cover students.