The aim of Klassi is to help young people learn to handle their finances and savings. Members of Klassi receive various benefits, are eligible to apply for recreation grants and take advantage of Klassi offers.


Klassi is a service line for the young customers of Landsbankinn. All customers ages 9-15 who own an account or assets in Landsbankinn funds are members of Klassi. Klassi provides instruction and information on long-term savings through favourable deposit options.

Your confirmation gift

Prepare your financial future by investing confirmation money wisely. A deposit of ISK 30,000 or more to a Framtíðargrunnur savings account will be matched by an ISK 5000 contribution to the same account from Landsbankinn. Only one contribution per member.

Confirmation money can form a solid savings base. Starting a regular savings plan is simple - just set clear goals and decide on a monthly amount.

Benefits and games

Klassi recreation grant

Do you attend skiing, skating, swimming or football practice? Do you play the piano, violin or tuba; are you learning to draw or paint? Klassi members can apply for generous recreation grants every year. Ten grants in the amount of ISK 20,000 each are awarded annually. This is the perfect opportunity to receive financial support to help further your interests. All active Klassi members with movements on their accounts in the previous 12 months and who actively engage in their hobby are equally eligible to be drawn from the pool.

Klassi's photo competition

Do you have a cool photo of yourself playing an instrument or engaged in other activities? Klassi's photo competition is an annual event and all Klassi members are eligible to submit photos featuring themselves and their hobby. The photo competition and deadline for submission are advertised each fall.

Klassi gifts

New Klassi members who hold an account with Landsbankinn or assets in Landsbankinn funds receive a handsome welcome gift. Members can chose between a Klassi t-shirt or a beanie.

Members also receive general gift products when visiting the Bank to deposit to their accounts.

Klassi's landmark birthday present

When active Klassi members turn 10 they are congratulated on the landmark birthday and receive a birthday gift from Landsbankinn. 

Active Klassi members are members with movements on accounts in the previous 12 months.

Klassi card

ATM and teller cards

  • For customers ages 9-12 years.
  • No annual fee.
  • Better interest terms than on general chequing accounts.
  • Works at ATMs and with tellers.
  • Can be used in both domestic and foreign ATMs.

Debit card

  • For customers ages 12-15 years.
  • No annual fee.
  • No transaction fees.
  • Can be used in both domestic and foreign ATMs.
  • Online debit system
  • The card must be linked to a Klassi account.

Klassi members need parental approval to apply for a card.

Online banking

Klassi members ages 13 and older can apply for access to online banking. Through online banking, Klassi members can view account statements, transfer funds, charge their phones and more. Access to online banking can be applied for at any Landsbankinn branch, provided the application is signed by a parent or legal guardian.


Klassi members with access to online banking can achieve a good overview of their finances and set savings goals using the Meniga household account system.