What are Aukakrónur?

Aukakrónur are a simple and transparent benefits system available to holders of credit cards from Landsbankinn. They are krónur refunded to credit card holders upon domestic use of credit cards linked to the Aukakrónur benefit system, both from Landsbankinn and from the Aukakrónur partners. One Aukakróna is equivalent to one Icelandic króna.

  • No complications - one Aukakróna equals one regular króna
  • Simple to use - works just like regular money
  • No fixed term of deposit - available at any time
  • No minimum amount - you can use Aukakrónur to fully or partially pay for transactions with our partners

How do I earn Aukakrónur?

Every domestic transaction with a credit card linked to the Aukakrónur benefit system generates benefits in the amount of 0.2-0.5% of the transaction amount in the form of Aukakrónur, courtesy of Landsbankinn. The amount of the refund depends on the type of card. If you choose to do business with one of the benefits system's over 250 partners, they grant an additional rebate in the form of a 0.5-20% refund as Aukakrónur. Each month, shortly after the due date for payment on the card, the accumulated Aukakrónur are credited to your Aukakrónur account.

Note that Aukakrónur do not accrue on transactions abroad, payment of interest and penalty interest, annual fees, statement fees, ATM withdrawals and card and instalment payment purchases (entered into with Aukakrónur partners).

How do I use Aukakrónur?

Your Aukakrónur are automatically transferred to the special Aukakrónur card that comes with your credit card (unless you choose to keep the manual transfer option). This card will be accepted as a regular payment card by any of our partners. Aukakrónur can be used as a full or partial payment in any transaction.

You can view the balance of Aukakrónur by logging on to online banking, on our web application and

All Aukakrónur partners

How do I apply for Aukakrónur?

Aukakrónur are available with most Landsbankinn credit cards, i.e. General, Náman, Gold and Platinum cards. To apply for a credit card linked to the Aukakrónur benefit system, please speak to a Landsbankinn service representative at one of our branches or call our Customer Service Centre at (+354) 410 4000. You can also fill out a simple form (in Icelandic) online at