Private Banking Services

Asset management for individuals - Private Banking

Landsbankinn Asset Management offers universal asset management services to high net worth individuals. The role of Asset Management's Account Managers is to assist customers in selecting savings options and to build asset portfolios based on individual needs and aims.

The Bank's analysts monitor market developments and evaluate the investment opportunities on bond markets at any given time. Every effort is made to provide personalised services and to find the investment options best suited to each customer's needs.

Two main service solutions are offered:

  • Active management
  • Advisory agreements

Merits of Private Banking

  • Comprehensive financial service for high net worth individuals
  • Experts manage customers' asset portfolios
  • Personal service - a dedicated Account Manager
  • Easy to liquidate assets
  • Four detailed statements per year
  • More favourable transaction terms

Contact information

Contact us to receive more information about the service. Call +354 410 7140
or email

Private Banking's Account Managers
Name Email address Tel. no.
Guðni Hafsteinsson 410 7143
Anna Haukdal Jónsdóttir 410 7181
Anthony Karl Gregory 410 7586 
Bjarni Már Vilhjálmsson 410 6883
Búi Örlygsson 410 7149
Elín Dóra Halldórsdóttir 410 6426
Kristín Halldórsdóttir 410 6963
Kristján Ágústsson 410 7145
Teitur Páll Reynisson 410 7165
Valdimar Agnar Valdimarsson 410 7115
Vigdís Sif Hrafnkelsdóttir 410 7161
Ægir Örn Gunnarsson 410 7162