Investment Services

Investment Services

Investment Services provides advice on investments in securities and pension savings. Landsbankinn offers a selection of mutual funds, an efficient investment option for customers who wish to maximise returns and diversify risk.

The key to successful investments is to have clear investment objectives, access to professional advice and to select favourable investment options.

Regular savings

Regular savings is one of the most advantageous savings plans. You set clear goals and decide on a monthly amount. Use the investment schema to identify suitable investment options.

With fund subscriptions, the difference between the buying and selling price is cancelled* and no fee is charged for funds managed by Landsbréf. The minimum subscription to funds is ISK 5000 per month.

Further information about UCITS is available on

Online banking provides an easy way to monitor developments of the asset portfolio and trade in securities.

* The bid-offer spread is 1-2%.

Request advice

Market information

Our dedicated fund website provides information on a wide variety of UCITS and investment funds, returns, prices, asset combinations, risk limits and comparisons.

Do you need advice?

You can meet with a Landsbankinn financial advisor to review your current status, explore investment objectives or start savings.

You can schedule a meeting with our advisors online. Alternatively, request a meeting by calling +354 410 4040 or emailing


Contact Investment Services
Name E-mail Tel. no.
Friðbert G. Gunnarsson 410 7166
Gústav Gústavsson 410 6221
Marteinn Kristjánsson 410 7109
Teitur Páll Reynisson 410 7165
Þórdís Erla Magnúsdóttir 410 7163