Asset Management

Landsbankinn Asset Management works with customers to develop sound asset portfolios. We emphasise personal service, responsible advice and informed decisions. Welcome to Asset Management.

Service suited to every need

Landsbankinn Asset Management offers customers universal asset management services. The role of Investment Services is to assist customers in selecting savings options and to build asset portfolios based on individual needs and aims.

The Bank's analysts monitor market developments and evaluate the investment opportunities on bond markets at any given time. Every effort is made to provide personalised services and to find the investment options best suited to each customer's needs. The division's activities are divided into departments based on service aspects.

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Investment Services

  • Sound financial advice free of charge
  • Advice in building asset portfolios
  • Regular information provision
  • Broker of equities and bonds

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Private Banking Services

  • Comprehensive financial service for high net worth individuals
  • Experts manage customers' asset portfolios
  • Active asset management or advisory agreement
  • Personal service

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Asset management for companies

Landsbankinn offers customised asset management for legal entities, including companies, charities and pension funds. The Bank also provides general services to pension funds, including accounting, reception of pension premiums, and calculation and disbursement of pensions.

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News bulletin for Veltubréf mutual fund

The weekly news bulletin for Veltubréf discusses yield figures and the fund's asset composition as well as information on the outlook on capital markets.

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