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Fraudsters attempt to use stolen card numbers

Yesterday, 16 September, Valitor warned against emails apparently sent by Pósturinn. The email asked the recipient to click on an embedded link that opened a false payment site made to look like Valitor’s site. Cyber criminals have obtained card numbers by such means and card holders are advised to be alert.

Among deceptions employed in such fraud are registering card information to Apple Pay, and it is not unlikely that similar scams will be attempted with other payment methods, such as Garmin Pay and Fitbit Pay. If you receive an unexpected notification stating that your card has been registered to Apple Pay, or registered in another manner without your knowledge, contact your bank immediately.

If you suspect fraud, we encourage you to make contact right away.

Beware smishing

There has been a recent surge in smishing activity, attempts to fool recipients with text message or emails designed to look like they originate with legitimate, Icelandic businesses. Do not reply to such messages; do not click on links and by all means, do not divulge payment card information or passwords.