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Landsbankinn lowers interest rates

Landsbankinn has recently established itself as the financial undertaking that offers the most competitive lending rates in Iceland. Since the Central Bank of Iceland embarked on the current rate-cutting programme, Landsbankinn has generally lowered lending rates more than deposit rates.

Variable interest rates on non-indexed housing mortgages decrease by 0.50 percentage points. Fixed rates on non-indexed housing loans decrease by 0.50 pp and rates on inflation-indexed housing loans decrease by 0.30 pp.

Premium rates on non-indexed loans decrease by 0.50 pp and premium rates on inflation-indexed loans decrease by 0.30 pp. Interest on non-indexed vehicle and equipment financing loans decrease by 0.05 pp. Overdraft interest rates decrease by as much as 0.75 pp.

Deposit interest rates decrease by 0.05 - 0.75 pp.

A new interest rate tariff enters into effect on 1 June and will contain more detailed information.

Landsbankinn most recently lowered interest rates on 14 April, mostly to reflect the cut in the bank levy.