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Changes to services in Austurstræti

Financial advisory service will be transferred from Landsbankinn’s Austurstræti branch to the Vesturbær branch at Hagatorg. Teller services will continue to be provided out of the Austurstræti branch, along with various other services, such as the activation of electronic ID and application for online banking. Assistance and instruction in use of the Bank’s digital solutions will be provided at Austurstræti.

These changes become effective on Monday, 13 January.

Alongside these changes, we offer customers the opportunity to make an appointment with a financial advisor at the Vesturbær branch via Landsbankinn’s website. Customers will as before be able to drop in at Vesturbær for financial advice.

Making an appointment allows customers to avoid potential waiting time and gives advisors more time to prepare. To make an appointment, click on the speech balloons in the lower right-hand corner of the Bank’s website and select a convenient time. Appointments can also be made by calling the Bank’s Customer Service Centre.