Market Making

Market making

Landsbankinn is market maker for several issuers of listed securities and with the Icelandic króna (ISK) in the interbank market. Market makers support normal price formation and saleability of certain assets in the market by quoting bids and offers for own account and for the asset in question, having regard for a set price range.

Landsbankinn is one of three market makers with the ISK on the interbank market. On the stock market, Landsbankinn currently handles contractual market making with the shares of Sýn, Origo, Reginn and Sjóvá. Landsbankinn is primary dealer and market maker for bonds issued by the National Treasury, the Housing Financing Fund, the Municipal Authorities’ Loan Fund, the City of Reykjavík as well as for the covered bonds of Arion Bank.

Contact information

Request an offer for market making by calling +354 410 7330 or emailing