Liquidity Mgmt.

Landsbankinn Asset Management offers varied and flexible investment services to manage the liquid assets of companies. Customers’ investment strategy is determined in advance. The investment strategy sets out the amount of the asset portfolio to be tied up on non-indexed, non fixed-term deposits, money market deposits, short-term mutual funds and short-term government bonds.

The service is tailored to the liquidity needs of the customer who has direct access to Asset Management's analysts as well as experts in the Bank's other departments.

Strong emphasis is placed on information provisions tailored to fit each customer's needs and on investments, returns and the short and long-term outlook in the market.

Merits of liquidity management:

  • Monitoring and management of asset classes
  • Minimal transaction costs
  • Access to dedicated financial advisor
  • Access to Landsbankinn’s team of experts
  • Regular information provision

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Market information

Our dedicated fund website provides information on a wide variety of UCITS and investment funds, returns, prices, asset combinations, risk limits and comparisons.

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