Foreign Investm.

Foreign Investments

Further steps have now been taken towards removal of capital controls in Iceland. Landsbankinn offers a variety of foreign investment options available to customers.

Securities brokerage

Landsbankinn brokers transactions on behalf of customers in foreign equities, exchange traded funds (ETFs) and bonds on all leading securities markets.


Landsbankinn can offer custody services for foreign securities and funds.

Wide variety of funds

Landsbankinn co-operates with well known foreign fund operators such as AllianceBernstein, BlackRock, Carnegie Funds, T. Rowe Price Funds and UBS, offering a broad spectrum of funds to suit various purposes.

Landsbréf Global Portfolio

Global Portfolio is an investment fund with active asset management. The Fund is intended for individuals, companies and institutional investors and is suited to customers who wish to invest in a diversified portfolio of foreign unit shares and deposits. Emphasis is placed in investment in the unit shares of foreign mutual funds.

Landsbréf – Nordic 40

Nordic 40 is an index fund operated by Landsbankinn's fund management company Landsbréf with the aim of achieving a good rate of return and diversification of risk by investing in the companies of the OMXN40 equity index.

Landsbréf – Global Equity Fund

Global Equity Fund is a fund of funds operated by Landsbréf with the objective of achieving a good rate of return and diversification of risk by investing in global funds, ETFs and individual equities.

More information is available from Landsbankinn's Investment Services, tel. +354 410 4040, or

Contact Landsbankinn's Investment Services
Name Telephone
Ægir Örn Gunnarsson, Head of Investment Services (+354) 410 4040
Anthony Karl Gregory (+354) 410 4040 
Friðbert G. Gunnarsson (+354) 410 4040
Gústav Gústavsson (+354) 410 4040
Marteinn Kristjánsson (+354) 410 4040
Teitur Páll Reynisson (+354) 410 4040
Þórdís Erla Magnúsdóttir (+354) 410 4040

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