Landsbankinn offers varied services and advice on investments, asset management and capital markets to individuals, companies and institutions.

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Institutional investors and legal entities

Capital Markets

Capital Markets provides advisory service to companies and larger investors on foreign currency and securities transactions and serves as broker of both equities and bonds, domestically and abroad.

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Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance provides independent consulting services to companies and investors concerning the acquisition, sale or merger of companies and operating units. It also advises on and co-ordinates public offers and listings on the Iceland Stock Exchange.

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Asset management for legal entities

Landsbankinn offers customised asset management for legal entities, including companies, charities and pension funds. Fund Management provides general services to pension funds, including accounting, reception of pension premiums, and calculation and disbursement of pensions.

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Liquidity management

Landsbankinn Asset Management offers varied and flexible investment services to manage the liquid assets of companies. Customers’ investment strategy is determined in advance.

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Market making

Landsbankinn is market maker for several issuers of listed securities and with the Icelandic króna (ISK) in the interbank market. Market makers support normal price formation and saleability of certain assets in the market by quoting bids and offers for own account and for the asset in question, having regard for a set price range.

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Foreign investment

Landsbankinn offers a selection of foreign investment options. While capital controls are in force, Landsbankinn endeavours to maintain various services in order for customers to be able to conclude those transactions allowed under foreign exchange legislation.

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Private Banking services

Landsbankinn’s Private Banking service assists individuals and companies in building up investment portfolios while benefiting from expert financial guidance.

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Landsbankinn Investment Services

Investment Services employs advisors with extensive experience of assisting customers in selecting savings options and building asset portfolios based on individual needs and aims.

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