Mutual funds

Landsbankinn's UCITS funds and investment funds are portfolios of securities, operated by the management company Landsbréf hf. under license from the Icelandic Financial Supervisory Authority (FME). The funds invest in a variety of securities, including domestic Treasury bills and bonds, bonds issued by large corporations, municipalities, commercial and savings banks, equities and foreign securities, depending upon the specific investment strategy of each fund.

By investing in Landsbankinn funds, investment risk is diversified and the volatility of the security portfolios reduced. Such investments are therefore not completely dependent upon the performance of a single company or a single class of market securities.

Although all information appearing on Landsbankinn’s website is based on sources which the bank regards as reliable, Landsbankinn cannot guarantee that it is correct nor be responsible for any errors. Information on this page is intended for information purposes only, and may contain errors or be subject to a time-delay. Historical returns are not necessarily an indication of future returns. Customers are urged to seek the advice of Landsbankinn’'s Investment Services before making decisions on transactions. The Bank reserves the right to make corrections.

Aggregate return

It should be borne in mind that figures for aggregate return represent the return over a specific period and not necessarily return for a one-year period.

Annualised return

It should be borne in mind that figures for annualised return are calculated by extrapolating the return over a specific period, assuming this rate of return continues for an entire year. The return for a period of less than one year may well fluctuate more than returns for periods longer than one year.

Tax position of Icelandic mutual funds