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Now is the right time to get the app

Todos authentication tokens and SMS login no longer give access to Corporate Online Banking. Now it is only possible to use an app or a plastic RSA token to sign in. If you have not already downloaded and activated the app or obtained and activated your RSA authentication token we urge you to do so as soon as possible. It's quick and simple to do.

Get the RSA app or plastic token

RSA Authentication Tokens

  • Why?
  • Do I have to sign a new Online Banking agreement?
  • How do I get the app for my mobile phone?
  • How do I activate the app?
  • What happens next?
  • Do I need to remember yet another PIN number?
  • What types of phones can use the app?
  • My phone runs on Windows. What should I do?
  • Is this the same PIN number as for the phone itself?
  • Do I need a separate app for each company in the group?
  • How much does the app cost?
  • I have neither an Android phone nor an iPhone - what should I do?
  • Can I use electronic ID in my phone?
  • What are the main advantages of the app?
  • Is the app secure?
  • Where else can I use the app?
  • Do I need a new SIM card?
  • How does it accord with Landsbankinn's policy of ensuring customers' security that they have to give the app such extensive access to their phones as is provided for in the app's terms and conditions?
  • What if I change phones?
  • Why does Landsbankinn demand the use of authentication tokens in Corporate Online Banking but not in Personal Online Banking?
  • Where can I get help?

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  • Or you can send an e-mail enquiry to