Corporate Online Banking

The online banking environment emphasises serving the needs of corporates in an efficient and modern manner. By utilising the business solutions available through online banking, companies can significantly improve efficiency.


  • Real-time financial data
  • Account summaries
  • Summary of assets and liabilities
  • Payment card balance
  • Breakdown of loans and other obligations


  • Creation, change and cancellation of claims
  • Direct link to accounting system (B2B)
  • Publication of electronic documents to all online banks
  • Printing and sending
  • Advice on collection

Payments and transfers

  • Transfers and payment of invoices
  • International payments
  • Payment confirmation process
  • VAT payments
  • Payroll

Electronic documents

  • Electronic publication of pay slips, invoices etc.
  • Significant cost reduction
  • Efficiency and security
  • Reliability and traceability
  • Data archived for up to 7 years

International payments

  • Overseas payments
  • International bank search
  • International banking information
  • Information about overseas recipients
  • Saved/discharged batch payments


  • Maximum security in electronic commerce
  • Secure access
  • RSA app and authentication tokens
  • Security numbers for bank accounts
  • Payment confirmation process

Instruction and training

  • Information and advice on electronic commerce
  • The collection process, invoice preparation
  • Payment services, international payments
  • Online accounting connection (B2B)
  • Netting service, current financing etc.

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