Capital Markets

Capital Markets handle securities brokerage and trade in FX for customers of Landsbankinn, both in domestic and non-Icelandic markets.

Capital Markets handles the issue and sale of companies and institutions and has been involved in many of the larger mergers and takeovers in the Icelandic equity market in recent years.

Capital Markets has a strong market position as broker of domestic equities and bonds, as well as primary note issues.

Market information

Our dedicated fund website provides information on a wide variety of UCITS and investment funds, returns, prices, asset combinations, risk limits and comparisons.

Contact a broker
Name Email address Tel. no.
Gunnar Smári Tryggvason +354 410 6709
Hörður Steinar Sigurjónsson +354 410 7336
Jón Ingi Árnason  +354 410 7334
Jón Rúnar Ingimarsson  +354 410 7101
Ólafur Jörgen Hansson +354 410 7332
Contact an FX broker
Name Email address Tel. no.
Ingólfur Áskelsson +354 410 7360
Jan H. Erlingsson +354 410 7360
Ólafur Örn Haraldsson +354 410 7360
Stefnir Kristjánsson +354 410 7360
Head of Department
Name Email address Tel. no.
Árni Maríasson +354 410 7335